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Democracy Club Inaugurated

This year school decided to do away with games clubs and focus on creative and unique clubs that promise to inspire and engage students in productive enterprises. However, this was not to ignore games at all, it was rather to draw a line between clubs and games. Games are for all and school took the wise decision not to isolate it for few within the games clubs, as it used to be.
The Opening
 Among the many new clubs the teachers devised, there were a few clubs that are mendetory for every school to have which will be overlooked by parent organizations beyond schools. They are GNH Club, UNESCO Club, SAP Club, School Law Club and School Democracy Club.
Mr. Kinley Speaks to students
School Democracy Club is a new entry in 2013 and is a brainchild of Election Commission of Bhutan. The new club was formally inaugurated in the school last week under the leadership of Ms. Sangay Lhaden. She will be assisted in the coordination of the club by principal Mr. Shangkar Lal. The inaugural ceremony was graced by Mr. Kinley from ECB who spoke to the students about the vision of the club in school- "...to instill the value of democracy in every student from the very early age so that it becomes a part of you."
The Founding members of the Club 2013

The club received one-time fund of Nu.20,000 to organize various awareness programs and activities in school. The club is expected to sustain by generating incomes by coordinating programs in the future.

School Singing Contest 2013

Organized and promoted by Lopen Kinley Dorji, Bajo Sung Kay Dendur, the singing competitions among students for 2013 has begun and 20 best were chosen from the Audition Round. These children will perform every week in the school hall after school hours to gain popularity and audience votes. The format of competetion is an imitation from national singing competetions where entry into next round is decided by scores from judges and votes from live audiance.
The Grand Finale will be held on the School Foundation where the winner will be decided purely based on audience vote.
Top 20 Singers

The school level singing was introduced in 2009 by Mr. Ugyen Dorji and his class. The current version under then name of Bajo Sungkay was transformed and by Mr. Kinley and has run for two seasons now.

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