Proposal for Realignment of facilities and addition work for safety of School in 11th 5 year plan


Bajo School started in 1997 as a junior high school and in 2003 it was upgraded as higher secondary school with limited infrastructural facilities. Previously we had classes IX to XII with a total enrollment less than 450 students, and now we have a little less than 800 students with classes from VII to XII. The student number increased drastically and we had to request PHPA-I for additional class rooms to accommodate the increasing number of students and the construction has started since June 2012 and is expected to be completed by next year 2013. With completion of the constructions our projection in the near future is more than 1000 students after the completion of the new class rooms provided by PHPA-I. The school being centrally located in the dzongkhag has to provide service to the locality and as well for the children from upcoming PHPA –I and II project in the near future.  In terms of facilities like library books and other necessary equipments in the laboratories, we still are in short. We have limited budget for library up gradation and laboratory materials.

Bajo HSS being centrally located there is tremendous pressure on the facilities as most of the workshops, meetings, and recreational activities are carried out in the school MP Hall. The maintenance and the sanitation & hygiene in and around the hall is always at stake especially when recreational program are held.

Bajo HSS being located at Basin of Punatsangchu River is posing serious danger to life and the settlement on regular basis in downstream starting from Lunana to kalikhola. As per the Disaster Management mapping, school campus lies in the danger zone as shown in the master plan map. The chances of the flood and water volume rising suddenly is not predictable, which, if we are not careful can become a threat to the life and property any time. Royal Government through various agencies is doing everything within its means through various projects like early flood warning system, lake mitigation project, awareness campaigns, programmes through BBS regarding the risk involved and many more.
2012 Master Plan Map
In addition to the above dangers, the main road from Bajo town towards Khuruthang runs above the school campus all across having paddy field and settlement above the road. The drainage along the road is very small to withstand the capacity of the out flow during the monsoon. The school is flooded with over spill water every time it rains. Also it is noted the outlets of drains are sent in to the school campus in as many as three locations which is creating flood in the campus. Carrying out the proper preventive measures needs to be put in place, so that similar and more dangerous problems do not arise in the future posing risk to the life and the property in the school.

Additional Proposals to be carried out in 11th 5 year plan

Sl. No
Name of the Work
Reason for work
Estimated cost
Agency to carry out the work


Flood protection wall along the River bank (2.5m in height concrete wall) & (1.5m in height concrete wall) along the road as is porous campus creating disturbance in the school.
As the school lies in red and yellow zone as per disaster mapping pre preparation of safety measures is an urgent need for the school’s safety. Also school is in the receiving end of spill over water during monsoon of the settlement above the road & there is lot of disturbance caused due to porous campus.

2.00 million
PHPA-II could be requested for the work as they are more specialized in the river protection work as a social cooperative responsibility as this school will cater to the needs of PHPA employees in future.


Realignment of the entrance road to the school with new school gate from above Hospital along the fencing.
The present entrance gate is from the other end of the campus when 90% settlement is towards Bajo town. The narrow road above is posing risk all the time and traffic is clogged in peak hours. This will ease the traffic and safety of the students as well.

0.500 million

Package could be attached with protection walls as the site is in a same location
Include in 11th 5 year plan

Dismantling of village house, Expansion of parking with retention wall on the edges and protection wall for principal’s quarter.

Once new Adm block is complete there will be enough rooms for stores. Old village house is just housing few stores and is occupying huge area that could be extended for parking.

0.200 million

To be include in 11th 5 year plan


Construction of new MPH
Bajo HSS being centrally located there is tremendous pressure on the facilities recreational activities that are needed to be carried out in the school MP Hall as present one cannot accommodate all students.


To be include in 11th 5 year plan


Swimming pool
Due hot weather and punatsangchu nearby there is temptation for students to go for swimming and were losing students year after year in the river. This facility could save lives.

1.00 million

To be include in 11th 5 year plan


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