General School Rules

General Rules

  • Punctuality is a must in all school activities; morning work, assembly, classes, games, house competitions, prayers, etc.
  • All students will speak Dzongkha and English in the school campus.
  • All students must compulsorily participate or attend all school functions both curricular and co-curricular like the National Programs such as Social Forestry Day, HM’s Birthday, National Day, etc
  • Students whose class attendance is 90% and below will not be allowed to sit for the final Examination.
  • Truancy is a serious offence and will be dealt seriously.
  • Students will not be allowed to play basketball during recess, lunch breaks, prayers and study hours.
  • Students must take care of furniture, electrical fittings and other school properties. Any damages caused will be borne by the student.
  • Students must turn off lights/fans and water taps when not required.
  • Shouting/screaming and making unnecessary noise in the school premises is strictly prohibited. Do not use hands on opposite sex or tease each other. Using dirty or fowl language will be dealt seriously.
  • The school will emphasize in imparting quality wholesome education, therefore, all students must take studies/classes very seriously, participate in all the school programs/activities, maintain and abide by the school’s rules and regulations, maintain good relationship with colleagues and teachers and above all contribute to building a friendly, healthy and conducive atmosphere in the school for teaching and learning to take place.
  • Any problem in the school should be brought to the notice of the Principal in writing. The story is likely to change if the matter is taken out of the school.
  • Students unable to come to school must send leave letter countersigned by guardian with contact number of the parents to the class teacher.
  • In order to proceed to hospital during class, health book has to be signed by Health Coordinator during recess followed by Class teachers.
  • Use your free time fruitfully. (During lunch break, games time or at home).
  • Absence of teachers in the class for more than 3 minutes should be informed to the Vice Principal (Academic).
  • Always try to bring packed lunch from home as it is economical and hygienic.
  • Reaching home on time will give you more time for preparation. So, walk home fast as soon as the school’s program is over. Always avoid staying in your friends’ house overnight. 

Dress code and Hygiene

  • Students must be always in school uniform during school hours and school functions.
  • All students must be clean, tidy and neatly dressed at all times.
  • Students will not be allowed to wear ornaments.
  • The hair of boys must be well-trimmed and combed without side locks.
  • Use of gel by boys is restricted.
  • Girls will keep the hair up to the shoulder length (8 inches from the band) tied neatly with a white band. Only 2 black clips will be allowed in front.
  • Dying hair will not be allowed (except black).
  • School shoes will be black with lace (for boys) and other styles in vogue/fashion will not be permitted.
  • Stockings (Boys) and socks (Girls) will be black without designs.
  • Finger nails to be short and clean.  Transparent nail polish maybe allowed for girls.


  • Reading pornographic or obscene literature or browsing undesirable web in the computer is totally restricted/banned.
  • Breaking through fence will be dealt seriously by the school authority.
  • Swimming in the river is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol, marijuana, and dendrite, chewing domasupari, tobacco, gambling and substance abuse are strictly prohibited.
  • Forming of groups (gang) and indulging in fights both within the school and outside is strictly not permitted.
  • Students will not be allowed to bring Video tapes, CD (audio & visual) transistors, cell phones and comics in the school premises.
  • Students will not scribble on the roads, steps, and walls of the school buildings and also on the chalk boards.
  • Do not misuse the facility in Disco halls and snooker rooms by drinking and smoking.
  • Students will not be allowed to drive cars and ride bikes to school and within school campus.
  • Students will not be allowed to make/have any intimate relationships with opposite sex.
  • Meeting parents during class hours is strictly restricted.
  • Entertaining telephone calls during class hours will not be permitted.
  • Students will not be allowed to visit canteen during class hours and even during off periods for Class XI and XII
  • Stealing and telling lies will be dealt seriously.
  • Never force open the door if the lock is there. It is illegal. The class next to the opened room will be fully responsible.
  • Once registered with the Bhutan Board of Examination, you will not be allowed to withdraw from the examination unless the administration decides. Students backing out from exam will forfeit their School leaving certificate.

Relationship with Teachers

  • Wish your teachers and elders at all times and give them due respect.
  • Be prepared and accept to undertake any work assigned by teachers.
  • Avoid arguing with teachers at all costs. Communicate and clarify courteously and politely the problems in private.
  • Always apologize for your mistake by saying “Sorry”.
  • Do not be arrogant and stubborn to teachers or anyone. Always be acceptable to corrections be teachers and elders. Relationship with other students:
  • Treat fellow students as companions/ brothers and sisters.
  • Using force (fighting/ bullying/ragging) is strictly not permitted.
  • Bring any complaints about fellow students to the notice of the class teachers, and to the school authority.
  • Always listen/obey and extend good cooperation to the captains.
  • Do not tease or pass comments to opposite sex wile coming to school or going back home.

Relationship with support staff

  • The support staff of the school is also to be respected. Do not at any time challenge or threaten them.
  • The support staff work for the school and for the cause of the students and any problems created against them will be dealt seriously by the school authority.


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