Achievements for 2009-2010

  1. Installation of Jamyang statue.
  2. New assembly line formation.
  3. Improvement made in all the toilets- with locking system. Sanitation improved.
  4. Shifted and enlarged fishery.
  5. Improvement in football ground.
  6. Management of disaster event- phasing away boarding.
  7. Maintenance of water pump of the well and usage of well water.
  8. Maintenance of tanks and installing in all toilets.
  9. Increase in poultry and the extension of poultry shed.
  10. Introduction of green day- students eating with teachers.
  11. Encourage students to bring packed lunch.
  12. Taking in of class VII and VIII students.
  13. Students are not retained late in the school.
  14. Painting of classes and office building by students as SUPW.
  15. Two private quarters acquired by school. Staff accommodation in campus increased.
  16. Students and teachers respect for the flag lowering.
  17. Internet and net working connection in the computer lab along with the launching of web site for the school.
  18. Starting of ICT hall in the reading room.
  19. Dismantling of partition in girls’ hostel for computer lab.
  20. Erecting of canopies, and concrete foot path construction and canteen construction by students.


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