Democracy at Work in School

For the First time in Bajothang the selection of captain goes truly democratic. This Election of Captains in school is the initiative of School Democracy Club headed by Ms. Sangay Lhaden and Chaired by Principal Shangkar Lal.
The event became very popular among the students, which is evident from the trending on social media. There was overwhelming activity on our Facebook Page where the pictures of naminees were posted. And the event is reported by four Students bloggers:

"Today’s election was like the real election as all the e-voting machines were there, polling stations and polling officers were also there. All the stations was arranged in the MPH, students were voting with their full confidences as during the morning, Lopen Tshering Gyeltshen showed us demo on how to use e-voting machines. "- Wrote Dhan Bdr on his Blog "Dhan's Ultrabook" It's his second post on the election on Bajothang, where his is also a nominee.

Another Student Blogger, Chidanand blogs in his "Teenager+":
One of the best event in the history of bajothang higher secondary school. Election of captains for next year from the nominates made by the class teacher and subject teacher of class 11 Sci and Commerce. It was sometimes ago when the nominates were asked to come and take the photo so that it will be pasted in the electronic voting machine. Though the same event was held some years ago there was no such facilities like electronic voting machine. Rather students were asked to raise their hand and from their captains were elected.
Deepan Tamang, another student blogger finds the event as:
This is my 4th year studying in Bajothang higher secondary school. There are some changes that I have observed. Most of the changes are minor. This is the major change that I have observed and is one of the best. ( in his blog "The Real World")
Sonam in his blog "Trending BajoWide"  wrote:
Bajothang higher secondary school conducted election for captains for next year. Nominee are from class elevens where there were 18 boys and 13 girls. Students were briefed in the morning and around 12 pm students lead by 12 to 7 started casting their votes to the most deserving and capable candidate. It took around 3 hours for the completion. This is the first time conducting such a program for selection of captains. The school conducted such a program in order to not to have any problems in future regarding the selection of captains. Thanks to democracy club and Bajothang higher secondary school.


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