A Visit to Wangdue Court

Laws are made to keep peace and treat every one with sameness in the country. All citizens irrespective of position, religion and caste must be governed by it. If every citizen is to know laws then starting to learn from school days is a best option. Starting 2012, on the initiative of Her Royal Highness Ashi Sonam Dechen Wangchuk, School Law Club was started in three schools of Punakha HSS, Ugyen Academy HSS and Bajothang HSS coinciding with the His Majestry’s Birthday from Punakha. Gradually the numbers have increased and have reached many schools in all the dzongkhags.

Ever since its inception, Bajo HSS Law club has many students joining the club voluntarily. It is very heartening to see our young students so keen to learn laws. Like any other club in the school, Law club members meet every Wednesday. The activities for the club are designed by the club coordinator in discussion with the members that best suit their interest. To deviate from the solo presentation by the coordinator week in week out, guest speakers from Dzongkhag Court lead by Dasho Drangpon, Officer in Command from Royal Bhutan Police and Dzongkhag Legal Officer have talked to the members. Dasho Drangpon has been very supportive and passionate about the programme.
Law Club with Wangdue Drangpon
It is with this fervent reason that on 20th August 2014, the club members were given an opportunity to see the actual court proceedings in the Dzongkhag court room. The coordinators may have explained the proceedings and students visualize but there is no better substitute than to see it live. Show casing the scenario of the court starting from how the day in the court begins to how trails are conducted to how the day ends, these experiences embedded in the minds on the club members will benefit many other students who were not very fortunate to visit court through sharing sessions. The club members were full of praise and smiles all around for they got to be part of the history before a new glamorous court stands. Many thanks to Dasho and other officials in the court remain indebted for the opportunity and experience that will take laws dearly in their hearts and as profession for some members later. And a refreshment out side the court room was cherished and more so a photo with Dasho Drangpon in the Court room; a memorable moment in the life of the club members. The journey to learning laws doesn’t end here and we continue to move forward with promises our own to serve Tsa Wa Sum at our own BEST.

Contributed by Tshewang Jamtsho
Vice Principal, Law Club Master


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