Club Policy

  1. The school will form the clubs as per the expertise and resources available and mainly on its effectiveness to the students.
  2. All students, irrespective of classes, must be member of a club.  The class teachers will ensure that each student is a member of a club.
  3. Clubs will be conducted once a week on Wednesdays for one hour.
  4. Each Club Coordinator will prepare the action plan and implement them accordingly.  A copy of the action plan must be submitted to the school authority.  The action plan will be planned for two terms. (One in the beginning for first term and the other one for second term).
  5. The Club Coordinators will maintain attendance record for each club days and check on the absentees and report to the school authority for prolonged absentees of club members.
  6. The Club Coordinator will also keep record of the activities conducted during the club period.
  7. The Club Coordinators will also maintain the performance/evaluation of the members that will be submitted to the SUPW Coordinator at the end of the year. The performance rating and attendance will be one component of rating the SUPW.
  8. The Club Coordinators will also submit a report of the club activities, its benefit/effectiveness, interest of the members and its continuity as a review for necessary follow up in the following year.
  9. The clubs for Football, basketball and volleyball will be formed only after the selection of school team members.
  10. Scouting will be carried out as regular school program.


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