First Club Exhibition Spells Success

Thursday, 18th October 2012: The school hall filled with excitement right from the morning. Children were walking in and out hurriedly. They were preparing for the first ever Club exhibition in the school. Mrs. Deki, our new vice principal, who takes care of club matters in the school gave birth to this idea and had made the announcement a week ago.
While some sports clubs didn't have much to show beyond some charts of rules and display of sport gears, the exhibition turned out to be a blessing for three clubs in particular;

  • Knitting Club could not only display their huge collection of knitted outfits but also were able sell some of their products for handsome price.
  • Visual Arts Club would have never been able to show off their massive collection of artworks prepared by its members and the master Hemlal himself.
  • and finally Home Science club saw this as yet another good opportunity to generate income by selling mouthwatering dishes like they have been doing every Wednesday throughout the year.
Science Club had its own solo exhibition way back in summer from where the winning entry were selected for regional level competition.

Crowd Waits for the opening!

Teachers follow the Principal to inaugurate the exhibition 

Knitting Club almost had a Shop

Cricket has this!

Visual Arts stood tall

They had sketchesof The King to teachers...

Knitting Club making money with big smiles

The waiting line...
The success of the first exhibition could mean we are going to have to year after year, and make it bigger with time.

Reported and Photographed by Passang Tshering


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