April Fool Story

We are very careful and won't trust anybody on April First. We make sure we use all our smartness to verify the situation before responding to someone's question or remark. But this level of alertness doesn't come to us when we are still in bed.
On this April first, Ms. Kuenzang, the lady who runs our school canteen made it to school at 6AM as usual and she was made April Fool by her sister when they were going about their regular kitchen work in the school canteen. This excited the mischievous cells in her body and she began dialing all the teachers' numbers,

"Hello ma'am, are you awake? Didn't you get the information? Didn't principal call you?"
The teachers were like,
"WHAT? What happened?"
She went on,
" Everybody is here with kabney, I think Education Minister is visiting us. You should be here by 7:30AM"
She made similar calls to all the teachers whose numbers she had on her phone. Some of us were too deep in our sleep that we didn't hear the ring, and some were saved by toilet. But eight teachers rushed to school with Kabney and Rachu to be made April Fools.
Following Were the April Fools:

  1. Phuntsho Wangmo, who was kind enough to inform her house owner Pema Choden.
  2. Pema Choden, who was so impatient to wait for her husband
  3. Tshering Chenzom, who hired a taxi and rushed to school. On the way she saw lopen Kinley in full dress and Kabney to add to her anxiety. 
  4. Lopen Kinley Dorji, perhaps saw Tshering Chenzom and felt the same way.
  5. Karma Tenzin, 
  6. Kuenzang Gem
  7. Yeshey Dendup and 
  8. Lopen Phuba, who ran straight to clear the stones from the Prayer Wheel construction site where he was the manager.
Kuenzang, the canteen lady greeted them all with "APRIL FOOL" from behind her canteen door. And because no one had their breakfast, she made a good sale right in the morning!


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