Sherig Collection in Bajothang

Bajothang eLearning Club is a new club founded by school computer teacher, Passang Tshering with 18 student members. The club aims to explore way to bring eLearning concept to school and build eLearning resources. The vision and action plan of the club could be read on their blog.
The new club, though with smart concept, was fighting endless limitations. Coincidentally, Rigsum invited the club master to attend the introductory presentation and demo of Sherig Collection in Thimphu, which was a blessing to the new club.
Read about the Sherig Collection in the following page from Kuensel, which also contain words of the school club master.

Kuensel Page

The whole collection is with the eLearning Club and could be easily shared with any school or individual during the school hours. While our own students and teachers wishing to avail the resources can visit the computer lab where at least 10 computers are equipped with the collection as of today.
The club plans to set up Wiki Booths in library and WiFi Park to make the resources easily accessible by the students.


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