Examination Policy

1. The exam committee members will be selected in beginning of the year during the general staff meeting and a Coordinator will also be appointed.
2. The examination committee will be responsible for the fair and smooth conduct of home examinations [mid- term, trail and annual]; this will be done in accordance to the guidelines set by the Bhutan Board of Examination.
3. The Coordinator /committee will carry out the following for conducting any of the above examinations:

  • Frame and disseminate the rules and regulations to be followed for conducting the examinations.
  • Make the timetable, seating plan, and arrangement of examination rooms.
  • Bell timings to be followed during the exams to be displayed on the school notice board and appoint bell ringer to ring the bell on time.
  • Collect the draft questions, model answers and blue print from the teachers and file as a record.
  • File all examination questions in the question bank and retain it in the library with a copy each in the examination cell.
  • Purchasing of stationary and arrangement of refreshment for teachers on examination duty.
  • Supervise the typing, cyclostyling, stapling and arrangement of questions according to the examination time table.
  • Moderation of papers to be carried out.
  • Monitor the sealing of answers booklets.
  • Collection of examination papers, arrangement and distribution to the concerned subject teachers for correction.
  • Check to see if the examination rooms are locked and safe.
  • Set a date for the group evaluation and monitor the evaluators work.
  • Declaration of results and maintaining a record of student’s performance.
  • In case of malpractices, the report will be brought to the examination committee and the record will be kept and as well as a copy will be handed to the concerned subject teacher. In case of serious offence it will be then forwarded to the Principal.
  • Maintain the examination cell neat and records to be properly arranged in the cupboard.
  • 4. The Coordinator/committee will prepare the result analysis (subject and year wise) and conduct meeting to discuss the students result and work out strategies for improvement in coordination with the SBIP Coordinators.
  • 5. Coordinate with the subject monitors (Coordinator) in the conduction of class Test at the end of every month.
  • 6. The Coordinator/committee will organize a promotion meeting with all subject teachers before declaring the annual examination results.
  • 7. The Coordinator /committee will ensure the updating of question bank and blue prints which needs to be handed down to the next Coordinator.  The out dated and old / obsolete papers will be discarded on completion of a year.
  • 8. The Coordinator/committee will ensure that all class teachers enter the marks in the progress report and also prepare a consolidated sheet.  The records of the continuous assessment will also be maintained for references.
  • 9. The Committee will finally maintain the consolidated progress reports class/ year wise and it will be mandatory that these documentations are handed down to the next Coordinator.
  • 10. The committee will also ensure that the examination room & cupboards are kept ready for the use during the Board Examinations.
Various Examination:
1.Unit test I- end of April
2. Unit test II – First week of September.
These two test will add 5% on the on going of mid-term and Annual


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