Store Issue Policy

  1. The Store In-charge will issue the text books to the respective class through class teachers.
  2. The Store In-charge will maintain separate formats for the issue of text books to the students endorsed by the concerned class teachers.
  3. The class teachers will be fully responsible for the distribution of the text books to the students and also collection at the end of the academic session.
  4. The change of the text books especially missing pages will be entertained within the month of issue.
  5. The stores will be maintained at all times with text books and stationeries properly arranged class and subject wise on the labeled selves.
  6. The Store In-charge will be totally responsible for submitting the text books and stationeries requisitions to the Dzongkhag after proper projection of the requirement in consultation with the school authority.
  7. The Store In-charge will maintain the stock entries of all the receipts of the text books and stationeries and also the issues of the same.
  8. The Store In-charge will initiate to form a committee mainly to dispose off the obsolete text books after which the reports will be sent to the concerned authorities.  This will be conducted as per the existing guidelines.
  9. The store In charge will work out the requisition of books in consultation with the subject teachers. This is to avoid requisition of unwanted books.
  10. The Store In-charge must be well aware of the books’ life and will maintain record to follow up with the life of each text books.  The Store In-charge will ensure that all books complete the required life line before the final disposal.
  11. The Stores will be maintained clean and tidy throughout the session and at all times.
  12. The students will be responsible for the text books once issued to them.  Fines will be collected by the Class teachers and handed over to Stores In-charge for the lost and tampered/damaged books.
  13. The Store In-charge will prepare the receipts for fine collections and issue to class teachers. The price list of text books will be made available to the class teachers by the Store In-charge.
  14. The amount collected from the fines will be deposited to the non-revenue accounts and the receipts will be maintained by the Store In-charge which will be subjected to auditing by concerned authorities.
  15. The Store In-charge will conduct the physical verification and restocking during the winter vacation and be ready for issue of books for next session.
  16. Issue of goods will be done only after getting requisition slip approved by the Principal.
  17. Look after the staff quarters.


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