School Scout Policy

  1. The Scouts master will form a school based scout troop with old and new members who are genuinely interested to continue or be a member of scout.  Scouts must be role model to other students and be prepared to follow instructions/work at all times when required.
  2. Encourage students for “good turn” daily.
  3. The scout members must be active and be prepared to carry out voluntary services both within school and outside.
  4. The scouting program will be carried out as a regular school program.  The Scout master will be responsible to plan, organize and execute the scouting activities throughout the year.
  5. The scout master will be responsible to submit the plan of action, registration forms, and member-ship fees to the school, DSA and BSA latest by April each year.
  6. The scout master will maintain proper appraisal record of all the scout members for necessary reference/ awards and nomination for scout forums, Jamborees, rallies or outdoor activities and mainly for rating as part of SUPW.
  7. The Scout master will organize exhibitions, any scouting activities and be ever ready to present scouting items during important occasions or when ever required.
  8. The Court of Honour will be conducted twice in a year once in each term (First term and Second term).
  9. The Scout master will coordinate the regular saluting and flag hoisting in the morning assembly and un-hoisting the flag after the school hours.  The scouts master will conduct the hoisting during the examination period and a support staff be appointed for the vacation period.
  10. Scouting will be conducted as a regular program on alternative Sundays but the scouts’ park will be maintained on daily basis.
  11. The scout master will evaluate and provide a report on scouting program at the end of the year.  S/he will also maintain the accounts and be accountable to auditing by the school, Dzongkhag or other authorities.


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