School Literary Policy

  1. A Coordinator each will be appointed for Dzongkha and English Literary committee. Both will also be the coordinator for the Dzongkha and English Literary Clubs.
  2. The Coordinator and committee members will prepare the action plan for conducting the literary activities in line with the school calendar.
  3. The Dzongkha and English literary clubs will also be formed mainly to engage students more effectively and meaningfully.
  4. The literary competitions will be conducted class wise or house wise. There will be a minimum of one literary activity (One Dzongkha & English) for each month.
  5. Literary committee will observe the national reading week effectively and will be responsible to plan and organize the reading week.
  6. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to promote literary activities and to encourage the students for better participation.
  7. The two Coordinators will organize speakers for morning speeches (English/ Dzongkha) and its evaluation will be done by non- house master/ mistress and maintain its records.
  8. The literary club members will organize wall magazines and maintain the literary board. Whenever we get some offers for essay, painting and articles, the coordinators should see that we present something from the school at any cost.


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