School Health Policy

  1. The School Health Committee with a Coordinator will be formed in the beginning of the session to carry out any health related activities and programs in the school.
  2. The School Health Committee will nominate the sick captains, a boy and girl students from the boarders and include them as members of the committee.
  3. The Health Committee will draw up the plan of action of the year and work the plan accordingly.
  4. The Health Coordinator will particularly coordinate the distribution of iron tablets on Thursdays, de-worming, vitamin A, etc. and maintain/submit its records.  The class teachers will maintain the daily issue records of the iron tablets.
  5. All students will make a book for health record. The Health Committee will maintain the health record of all the students and also record the height, age & weight of each student once in the beginning of the year and the next in the end of second term.
  6. The Health Coordinator will plan and prepare the SODIS facilities to provide safe drinking water to the students on daily basis.
  7. The Health coordinator will issue the permit (out pass) in the health book to the
  8. students to visit hospital during the morning recess which need to be signed by the class teacher followed by the Principal.  The hospital staff will not treat any students during class hours without the permit.
  9. The sick captains with information to the health in charge will arrange school bus for students’ treatment to the hospital.
  10. The Health Coordinator will organize the cleaning campaigns in collaboration with the Nature Club/ Scouts and also coordinate health related awareness program such as sex education, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS & STIs, etc.
  11. Coordinate and observe the National and International day(s) to create awareness of observing such occasions among the students and the community at large.
  12. The Health Coordinator will be responsible to check/advise the school canteen on nutritional value & hygiene, cooks’ health & hygiene and ensure that the cooks are healthy.
  13. The School Health Committee will organize blood donation net work to help the needy in times of emergency on voluntary basis.
  14. The School Health Committee will also be responsible for maintaining the sewerage, sanitation and waste disposal of the school campus, hostels and toilets in collaboration with Nature Club, Agriculture Club for EM solution and Coordinator of the SUPW.
  15. The Health Coordinator will maintain a First Aid Kit & personnel in the school and also arrange Health Assistance during Marathon, School Sports Day, Intra/Regional Meets.


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