Library Policy

  1. The school administration will try to expand the library each year and develop the library with good storage of varied books.  The students/teachers will compulsorily avail the library services and inculcate genuine reading habit for lifelong learning and also to bring about quality education.
  2. The library management team will be dynamic and make the library accessible to all the students and teachers.  The management will develop the rules and regulations for the library and also maintain its decorum.
  3. The librarians will be totally accountable for the stock entry/records and maintenance of the books, the issues, the accounts of the fines imposed and its utilization. Arrangement, sorting and classification will also be carried out by them according to the Dewey Decimal System.
  4. The Library Assistants will strictly follow the school timings and will also have to keep the    library open during lunch, if required even during the holidays or vacation.
  5. The students and teachers will be permitted to use the library during free periods within the working hours of the school.
  6. All the borrowers of library books will take utmost care of the books. In case books are lost, the full price of the book plus an additional of Nu. 50/- for students and Nu. 100/- for teachers will be imposed which will be used to buy the same titles for replacement.
  7. Students will be allowed to borrow books from the library for a minimum period of one week and may be renewed for another week.  A fine of Nu. 2/- will be imposed for each day or Nu. 10/- per week for the delay in returning the books.
  8. Teachers will be permitted to borrow books for minimum two weeks period and then be renewed.  The reference books will be permitted to be borrowed till the next day morning till 9 AM or in few cases they can be used in the library only.  The encyclopedias will strictly be used only in the library.
  9. The rules and regulation of the library must be strictly followed by all. Everyone will maintain total silence. No one will be allowed to eat, drink, misbehave or go against the staff working in the library.
  10. Tampering of the books will result in paying the full price of the book plus the additional fees as mentioned above. Book marks must be used at all times.
  11. To issue books, cards/borrowers pocket system will be used for students and a register will be used for the teachers.
  12. The library assistants will have to ensure that the books borrowed by students/teachers are returned before the vacations and will also be accountable to sign for the Student’s Clearance Certificate at the end of the year.
  • Teachers too are requested not to keep the books permanently.


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